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Samsung Reveals Safety Truck for Safely Driving

samsung safety truck
Written by TechBug

To help drivers when unsure of the road view because of large vehicles blocking their lane, Samsung has revealed its “Safety Truck,” which permits to ‘see-through’ the truck to the traffic ahead.

Equipped with a camera on the front, the safety truck displays the live footage on four panels at the rear of the truck. Drivers behind can thus see the front view for overtaking safely.

Samsung Safety truck

From the recent statements made on their blog, we know that Samsung’s shows confidence about reducing accidents, particularly when a driver is attempting to overtake the large vehicle ahead. The company is currently working with the government and safe-driving NGOs to get the necessary permits and approvals.

This type of vehicles are not cheap, and this is the biggest obstacle for Samsung. While the camera might be cheap for most companies, installing four displays per truck is expensive and would require a major investment.

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