Acer demos Jade Primo Windows 10 Continuum ready smartphone

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Acer has just wrapped up its global press conference at IFA 2015. The famous Taiwanese PC maker showed off quite a wide range of devices including new laptops and desktops and PC accessories. What really caught my attention though were its announcement and demonstration of the “pocket PC” Acer Jade Primo smartphone and the expansion of its Predator range to include the Predator Projector, which projects a 120-inch display. Another interesting new product I will describe briefly is the modular Acer Revo Build, which offers GPU expansion possibilities.

I’ve embedded the full Acer press conference video above. You can see the section concerning the Acer Jade Primo from 38 minutes onwards. Acer referred to the Jade Primo as “a PC in your pocket”. CEO Jason Chen said that he had been “hearing about the PC Phone for over 10 years” yet this is the first time he’s felt that the concept actually works.

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