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Beside Lamp: an All-in-One Easy Charging Station for Electronic Devices

Nudock Bedside Lamp
Written by TechBug

We are bringing to your attention the new bedside lamp named NuDock, a smooth lighting device that has ability to charge all of your electronic gadgets that need to be recharged in one easy charging station. This is an extraordinary accessory to a night table that helps you comfortably recharge your electronics over night.

Your Smartphone, laptop, iPad, smartwatch and any other device will be charged by this easy charging station.

Nudock Bedside Lamp

This charge bank lamp has multiple jacks & outlets to charge each and every device you wish.

The lamp shelters beneath the table all the cords and clutter, allows more room for your other items, and it has a dimmer, as well as a timer, built into it. Anodized aluminum and poly-carbonate are the materials used by this hi-tech graph idea from MiTagg.

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