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Biometrical ATMs Will Secure the Financial Companies More Efficiently

biometric atm
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Chinese Technology Firm ‘Tzekwan Technology’ researchers and specialists have recently teamed up to produce world’s first Biometric ATMs. Globally almost every company is looking for innovative ways to protect the consumers from theft and other fraudulent activities. This biometric ATMs can represent the move towards a new age of financial safety.

The team says that the machine will operate with a small camera, which will take a picture of the user of the ATM machine, and then it will match it to the the information within the database to find the exact match. For this, the machine will use the facial recognition technology to detect consistencies in certain attributes like disposition, facial symmetry and pigmentation. The advanced technology will serve in eliminating impostors.

biometric atm

Although it is not clear when will the company launch this Biometric ATMs, the scope of this technology gives some new hope for the security concerned financial companies and their consumers.

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