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BrainPort V100 – a Tongue Controlled Sensory Device

BrainPort V100: Brain Controlled sensory device
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The “BrainPort V100”  will act as a the helping hand for the visually impaired people

A new gadget is arriving soon, helping the visually impaired to “see” with their tongue. The ‘BrainPort V100’ Multisensory device is inspired by a similar tool that helps deaf people use their tongue in order to hear. The same technology is used in both devices – turning sound waves into unique tongue vibrations.

BrainPort V100

Users need to wear a pair of dark sun glasses with a built-in video camera when they want to use The BrainPort V100. The images around the users are inverted into electrical signals, which are then transmitted to the wearer through a specially designed mouthpiece. The vibrations will change when perceiving different levels of light. While the device cannot help the visually impaired to see exactly what is in front of them, it can help the user orient themselves in space and detect obstacles.

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