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EMBRACE: A Watch that Assists those Affected by Epilepsy and Tracks their Seizures

Embrace Smartwatch
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Embrace is this revolutionary watch helps people living with epilepsy track their health parameters. It gives alerts to the caretakers when seizures occur, and it overall assists the people with epilepsy monitor their stress, their activity & overall balance.

Embrace Smartwatch

Embrace is a hi-tech treatment device designed to look like a luxurious smartwatch. It easily tightens on the wearer’s wrist for a snug fit; it will automatically monitor the wearer’s physiological stress, sleep & activity throughout the whole day. It vibrates when the person pushes beyond the limits to remind the wearer to slow down their activities. In addition, as we mentioned above,  this device will send your friends & family alerts immediately.

Embrace is a critical life-saving device that can be an important health support and give the patient the necessary monitoring like a human assistant.

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