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Enano Health Invents Painless Glucose Monitor

Enano Health painless glucose monitor
Written by TechBug

The Founder of eNano Health believes that medical intervention may not be needed as long as diabetes glucose monitoring happens at the right moment. eNano developed a Glucose monitor named The ‘Kiss and Tell’

A lot of diabetes (glucose monitoring) devices already developed, but all those devices require finger-pricking in order to draw blood for testing. ENano’s  device is a painless diabetes detector that requires no blood drawing or finger-pricking. This eliminates not only the discomfort, but also the chances for any kind of infection. “Kiss and Tell” sets itself apart by using only saliva to determine if a person’s glucose levels are higher or lower than they should be.

Although many people at risk for Type 2 Diabetes are unaware of why their glucose levels are so high, some of the factors include a sedentary lifestyle and a faulty diet. Monitoring the glucose levels throughout the day and watching the diet structure and the daily activities associated is a beneficial routine for those affected by diabetes. Creating a device that increases comfort while keeping track of the glucose levels is a welcome step forward.



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