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Fake Google Chrome Update Leads to Android Malware Stealing Personal Data

Written by TechBug

For Android users, using their devices has become so much risky nowadays due to the emergence of a new malware every other day. This time, a dangerous malware has surfaced that appears to be just another harmless Google Chrome’s mobile version’s update but in reality, it is a malicious software aiming to get your financial details and private data. The web pages on which this malware is being hosted are also designed to look like the official Android or Google landing pages.

Android remains the most vulnerable OSThis malware reminds users of 2015’s CTB Locker/Critroni ransomware tricking users into downloading fake Google Chrome update and steal their data however the new malware has been identified by Zscaler, a security firm. According to their analysis, this malware is so powerful that it can monitor call logs, track text messages, retrieve browser history and most devastating is the fact that it also steals banking information.

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