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Five Smart Gadgets that You Should Check out

Five Smart Gadgets 2015
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Pocket Printer:

The pocket printer is a full functioning printer by ZUtALabs that prints your content detected when you put it on any kind of paper. There is no need anymore for using a traditional large printer once you have it. A large-sized printer also consumes time with setting the paper size, color, etc.

pocket printer

The Pocket Printer Gadget works with any WiFi connection. If you have a WiFi connection, then you can send the content from your smartphone, tablet, computer and so on to the printer, no matter where you are. The pocket printer’s measurement is 10.2 cm in diameter, 7.5 cm in height and weights only 350g.


Smokio is a smart gadget that has a built in a vaporizer system which helps keep track of your smoking activity. Its main destination is to help you reduce or even quit smoking.


It monitors your smoking activity based on the number of puffs you take, as well as your nicotine levels – on a daily basis. The system app will give you the statistics on your smoking habits, and also a report on the financial savings you are getting from less smoking. The Li-Ion battery needs 90 minutes to being fully charged, and its energy lasts for 750 puffs.


Many people like a nice colored room. And they feel comfortable with a colored light in their living room. Bolt is smart bulb which illuminates your room with a variety of colors with only a single bulb. Its efficient LED technology allows for a 20-years use (3 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Bolt Smart Light Bulb

So no more money waste for light bulb changing. Bolt also comes with a 2 year warranty. Using your smartphone or iPhone as a control panel you can dim the lights, or adjust the color according to your mood. You just need a Misfit Home App. Bolt also has the feature of using Dynamic lightscapes, but one can create their own Lightscape, or  even use their own photos.

Bolt also can be set as an alarm to wake you from sleep with some beautiful sunrise shades.

Fever smart:

Fever Smart is a patch thermometer that can be used with your iPhone. You can monitor your patient’s body temperature, taken under the armpit.

Fever smart

This tool is useful for parents who want to monitor a sick child, but cannot be physically there with them, or for women who are tracking their ovulation via their basal temperature. Fever Smart is also helpful to the healthcare professionals. They can monitor their patients remotely, and suggest the right medicine by checking the health reports via the app.


SkyLock is a Bluetooth enabled device that can be locked and unlocked using the SkyLock smartphone app. You can choose to unlock it by proximity. The most important thing is that SkyLock can also send crash alerts to people from a trusted network, in case it detects that the owner was involved in an accident.

SkyLock Bike security

It will also alert the owner if it is being tampered with by a theft attempt. Another important feature of this Skylock device is that, if fully charged, it doesn’t need to charge earlier than in 6 months. And it is powered by sunlight, meaning that if you take your bike out for a ride, it will automatically charge itself. Optionally, it can be charged through an USB port.

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