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Gamified Cigarette Holders that Help Reduce Smoking

Gamified cigarrete holder
Written by TechBug

This device will help people reduce or even quit smoking

Great news for the people who want to quit smoking. A new device arrived – it is named ‘Tosee” and it is a gamified cigarette holder that helps users quit smoking by tracking their assimilated nicotine and tar levels. As many people know, quitting smoking is not an easy task and this device helps ease the process by using the power of data-driven technology.

Gamified cigarrete holder

The device is equipped with a smart sensor that tracks the number of cigarettes smoked by the user. It also tracks how much the person inhales and his/hers tar and nicotine intake. After tracking the information, the device then sends it to the Tosee app via its incorporated Bluetooth technology. The system also motivates people to reduce,control or even quit their habit by rewarding them for smoking less. The gamified system allows setting smoking targets. If the user crosses its limit, the system will react via reminders about the impact of smoking.

Gamified cigarrete holder

Rather than simply reminding users that smoking is detrimental to their health, the Tosee device empowers smokers to track their behavior, so that they can better understand their habit.

By monitoring their smoking and setting personal goals, the smokers might be able to ultimately give up their habit for good.

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