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Google Hangouts App Surpassed One Billion Installs

Google Hangouts
Written by TechBug

Google Hangouts App launched in 2013. Though not much updated, it works across all platforms, like Android or IOS. Today the Hangouts app surpassed one billion installs in different types of Android operating smartphones.

Before there were only nine Google Play apps that have crossed the 1 billion installs. Most of them are owned by Facebook and Google. Google Play Services, Gmail, Maps, and YouTube – all reached 1 billion installs before Facebook. Of course, most of these apps are built into Android phones and come with the OS.

Although Google Hangouts crossed 1 billion installs, this it doesn’t mean that it has 1 billion users. It only means that 1 billion users have downloaded and installed this app on different Android OS devices.

According to Android Rank, the next Google app to reach 1 billion users will be Street View on Google Maps. Although Chrome Browser and Google Play Music may beat Street View to the punch.



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