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Google’s Free Streaming Google Play Music

Google Play Music
Written by TechBug

Google is launching Google Play Music, which will be available as a free and ad-supported streaming service. That means anyone can listen to music using Google Play Music if they are willing to accept the ads and there will be some features provided without signing up for a subscription. For those who want to subscribe to Google Play Music, the costs will probably be of $9.99 per month. So, Google Play Music will be multi-tiered Freemium Structured.

Google Play Music‘s non-paying users will get access to one of the service’s unique features– the ability to upload up to 50,000 tracks to Google servers from a personal music library, and to play them from the cloud anywhere they are in the world.

Free users can not play any music in the library. This Freemium Model is structured for attracting first time users so that they can move on later to the premium subscription.

So let’s wish the best to Google Play Music in the competition of online music streaming where it has to catch up to the already established music streaming¬† platforms like Souncloud and iTunes.

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