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Google’s Medical-Grade Fitness Tracker

Medical grade fitness tracker
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A Medical-Grade Fitness Tracker that will compete on the trendy wearables market is currently being developed by Google. This gadget focuses on the quality and accuracy of the data delivered to the wearer.

The gadget will measure the vitals like the hearth rate, pulse and skin temperature, but also external information, like sun exposure.

Medical Grade Fitness Tracker

A lot of similar products have been developed, having consumers’ preferences and needs in mind. But this Medical-Grade Fitness Tracker is intended for clinical trials and will be prescribed to medical patients.

The Verge Writes: 

“By doing that, Google will help doctors tackle the problem of reliably tracking the health of their patients away from the hospital. Consumer-grade fitness trackers don’t offer the medical-grade accuracy, and patients can be unreliable when it comes to reporting their own vitals.”

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