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The Kisai Blade LED Watch, a Device that Connects with your Smartphones

kisai blade LED watch
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Tokyoflash Kisai has launched many innovative time telling devices. Recently they launched the wooden wrist Led watch that features an all-wood face with no numbers and connects with smartphones.

The Kisai Blade LED watch uses an complex system of LED lights. The watch consists of “a rotating LED time display concealed behind a dark sandalwood surface” featuring  the “Kisai Link seamlessly integrated into the strap so you can receive calls, emails, SMS and social alerts directly to your wrist”, while you perceive the indicators moving just like the hands of traditional clocks.

The watch has some built-in modes that can be used for changing the nature of time telling, such as the flashing mode or the turning mode, which spins the LED hands continuously and lands on the correct time.

Kisai Blade Wood Link LED Watch Preview

It’s Bluetooth connectivity allows to connect the watch to a smartphone, so it can notify you when you receive calls, texts, SMS and social media alerts directly to the wrist watch.

This watch is very innovative and actually features smartwatch technology device, because the company included some Hi-Tech features.

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