New Windows 10 Operating System Reveals Wallpaper

Windows 10 wallpaper Reveals
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Microsoft is working tenaciously  into putting the finishing touches on its Windows 10, however some information already surfaced on the Internet. The Redmond-based company uncovered Thursday its new desktop image, the default wallpaper you’ll see when opening the new OS.

This is an important part of the new Windows 10, appearance-wise, and possibly that is why the Redmond company put a lot of thought and work into finding the perfect default image picture for Windows 10.

Microsoft designated Bradley G. Munkowitz to design the opening image, which he depicts as an image that allows us to examine space. As innovative means to complete his task, Munkowitz used a plenitude of methods, including camera mapping, lasers and lens flares to make a photo that will be seen and appreciated by millions (if not billions) of people over the next few years.

The result is genuinely something extremely different from what we’ve recently seen as Windows wallpapers. Possibly the most well known of them all is Bliss, the photo of a green meadow under a blue sky, produced by the ex-National Geographic photographer Charles O’Rear  – the famous image coming with Windows XP.

As usual, the reactions to the photo are mixed.

What are your thoughts on the Windows 10 famous wallpaper? Will you adopt it or will you wait for something else? Do you consider it a good choice when it comes to design? Let us know in the comments.

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