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Model 01: Ergonomic Keyboard for the Serious Typist

Model 01 keyboard for serious typist
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A lot of ergonomic keyboards are currently available on the market. Compared to them, the ‘Model 01’ is designed to keep your wrist in a neutral and more natural position. The design was made having in mind the butterfly image, and the Model 01 is both esthetic and easy to use.

The Model 01 Keyboard is made for the Serious Typist

The new ergonomic keyboard was designed by ‘keyboardio’. This keyboard’s design was made by 3D modeling. It reflects on the ergonomics of typing. The keyboard is split into two divisions, so that each hand can reach all the keys of any division. The keys are structured with tactile mechanical switches, each switch being shaped to better fit your fingers. The keyboard is made of two blocks of maple wood, which help in giving the product a sleek wood-grain finish.

Model 01 Keyboard

The Model 01 keyboard is customized and designed to meet the demands of any modern typist.

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