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New method to predict the workload for online services

internet overload
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How can overloads on the Internet be prevented? Cloud computing means that more server space can be rented from large computing resources. Ahmed Hassan has developed algorithms for automatic addition and removal of server resources for a web service based on demand. The study was performed at Umeå University in Sweden.

When Michael Jackson passed in 2009, he almost took the Internet with him. CNN, Google News, TMZ, Twitter, Wikipedia, and most other news websites went down due to the huge increase in the number of people trying to read news about his death. While Jackson’s passing is a single event, similar events are quite common, mostly affecting some parts of the Internet, e.g. the servers of the ObamaCare website were overloaded already after a few hours after going live in the United States, and studera.nu, the website for applying to Swedish universities used to be overloaded every year during the application rounds. In short, the Internet infrastructure that our lives rely on is fragile.

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