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No Account Required for using Facebook Messenger

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Facebook is getting greedier by the day. Their goal seems to be that even the people who dislike Facebook to use their Messenger. So, Facebook is opening a Sign Up option via the Messenger app for the those who do not have a Facebook account.

This way, people can use the Facebook Messenger app without having a Facebook social account. The users will be able to sign up using their first and last name and their mobile number – and  of course, having installed the Fb Messenger app. Facebook is starting this trial in US, Canada, Peru, and Venezuela before going global.

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Facebook first tested this account-less sign up for Messenger on the Android devices in India and then in three other countries in 2012.

What’s coming next for Messenger?

Facebook is working hard on a lot of new functionality features for Messenger. It has added friend-to-friend payments, new location sharing options, a dedicated web interface, VOIP video calling, and an app platform for sending images and sound clips to friends, as well as for playing games.

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