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Organic Redux Flow Water-based Batteries

Organic Redux Flow Battery
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The Organic Redux Flow Battery – Environmentally Friendly and Efficient

It is generally known that although the Lithium-ion batteries have numerous benefits, they also have several demerits. Environmentally speaking, the Li-ion batteries are not friendly at all. These batteries generally feature rare, toxic materials.

Having these issues in mind, a group of scientists in California have come up with what they are calling an Organic Redux Flow Battery, which is water-based. The battery can be compared with the fuel cells, alike the ones used to power NASA’s Helios Drones.

Acting like a costly to produce Lithium-ion battery, these organic batteries have the potential to be scaled up for use on larger projects. Another good thing is that the batteries can be recharged about 5000 times, which means that they have an estimated lifespan of about 15 years.

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