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ShockWiz: Bicycle Shock Gadget

shockwiz bicycle shock gadget
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ShockWiz Eases Installing Mountain Bike Shocks

ShockWiz, a handy gadget developed by Dusty Dynamics – an Australian startup – assists users figure out how to tune up the air-spring suspension system from their trusty bicycles.

All the user has to do is to first attach its braided air hose to the valve on the shock, then proceed to zip-tie the gadget in order to use the ShockWiz. Afterwards the company app should be accessed – an app that works on both iOS and Android gadgets – then the user must select the style of riding from 1 of the 3 choices, cross-country and all-mountain.

shockwiz bicycle shock gadget

The ShockWiz makes it easier to resolve whatever needs to be done for the installation, as well as management of the air-spring suspension system – jobs that otherwise could be quite tricky. Henceforth your riding can be stress free using this gadget.

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