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Synaptics: Touch Sensitive Keyboard For PC

Synaptics touch sensitive keyboard
Written by TechBug

Synaptics’ is is a redesigned model of the classical computer keyboard having the ambition to change the usage of the ancient keyboard by making it touch-sensitive.

We have seen many Hi Fi features on the smartphones’ keyboards. But the Synaptic Keyboard includes a SmartBar that will help speed up your typing.

In Synaptics Keyboard, The SmartBar is the most excellent feature. It works by turning the standard space bar on your keyboard into a touch-sensitive surface for using gesture control. This feature is perfectly similar to the interface found in smartphones. The High Tech feature space bar allows you to zoom in and out,  by swiping your thumb on the space bar and allows you to select the text and also access five other macro functions, including text formatting.Synaptics touch sensitive keyboard Synaptics touch sensitive keyboard

While these features may not seem like major time-savers at the first glance, the few seconds the Synaptics touch-savvy keyboard saves you throughout each day will certainly add up over time.

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