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Tennis Performance-enhancing Racket Sensor

Performance enhancing racket sensor
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This device helps improve your tennis playing

Technology can simply change your life and make it easier to work or unwind. ‘Qlipp’ is a lightweight sensor produced for those consumers whom are trying to improve their tennis playing. This sensor can be used for analyzing and improving your tennis swing. If you are not a professional tennis player, this device can help you take your game to a whole new level.

Enhance your tennis playing

This tiny lightweight Qlipp sensor can be attached to your racket. Its weight is only 8 grams. The device will not impede your stroke in any way. It simply works by reading your shot type, spin, speed, consistency and ball contact accuracy. You can then analyze these measurements on the accompanying Qlipp app.

With precise data about your game and performance, the Qlipp Sensor helps you understand exactly how to improve the speed and accuracy of your tennis swing.


Source: CNet

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