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The Invisible Hearing Aid

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This device is designed for the modern consumers who have hearing loss problems

Targeting the younger consumers whom are suffering from hearing loss, Eargo launched a new line of invisible hearing aids. Founded by the French surgeon Dr. Florent Michel and his son Raphael Miche, this company aims to fight the stigma attached to hearing aids.

invisible hearing aids

These invisible hearing devices are produced with pieces of medical-grade silicon, which suspend the tiny speaker inside the users’ ear. The device‚Äôs fibers help in passing the soundwaves into the ear drum. The speaker of this device just amplifies the needed frequencies for those who have hearing troubles. The device comes in custom sizes and has four adjustable settings.

With nearly 48 million people in the US suffering from hearing loss, the Eargo device is a modern and affordable option for the contemporary consumers suffering from this type of affections.

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