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The Nest Cam, a Sleek Security System

The nest cam
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The Nest Cam is a sleek security system that looks familiar. If you already had a chance to see the Nest cam, you can understand this. Yes, this Nest Cam looks like the Drop-cam that we all already know. Actually the Drop-cam company collaborated in producing the Nest Cam. This camera is the first product from the two companies’ joint venture.

The Nest Cam


This Nest Cam uses a cloud based DVR to store video, similar to the one from the original device. Also, like the Drop-cam, it requires a annual fee in order to do more than simply stream video, and to be able to record and store data as well. It comes with a built-in tripod mount, a magnetic base and infrared LEDs, all sleek and ready to provide protection to your desired space.

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