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The Phantom: All in One Speaker System

the phantom by devialet
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A Game Changer for Audio Technology – The Phantom, by Devialet

This device calls for the attention of those people waiting for the next big hit in audio technology. It is worth having a look at the Phantom by Devialet. First, the producers: Devialet is a Paris-based industrial company. This company had not disappointed the tech lovers each time it launched new products. On the contrary, the Phantom is an all-in-one amp and speaker system that boasts 88 patents so far.

The Phantom by Devialet

Cool Hunting writes: 

“Devialet invented a proprietary technology that garnered, for the first time, the best of both analog and digital amplification—preserving the quality of the former, and the efficiency and power of the latter.”

It’s no wonder that Phantom by Devialet delivers a powerful and clear sound with no distortion. It is also salutary that its design is  sleek and unusual.

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