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The Portable SanDisk Extreme 500 Packs Tons of Storage Memory

Sandisk Extreme 500
Written by TechBug

The SanDisk extreme 500 is a portable solid drive that offers the benefit of not having to move around data so you won’t risk your files being compromised. It has recently been released in Taiwan.

Sandisk Extreme Hard drive

With this combination of gigantic storage capacity and small size, the SanDisk Extreme 500 is an fantastic piece of computer tech, available in storage capacities of 120, 240 & 480 GB. The SanDisk Extreme 500 measures 2.98 X 2.98 X 0.42 inches, making it a pretty compact offering and it’s also fitted with a rubber bumper, which makes it shock-resistant to up to 800 Gs @ 0.5 M/S.

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