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The Xeros: Water Free Washing Machine

xeros Washing Machine
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Everyone wants something new in at least one sphere of their life. May be you won’t be surprised to hear about how the latest technology has been put to use of in doing your laundry. The future of washing machines is here. This innovative idea first appeared to Stephen Burkinshaw of the University of Leeds. This washing machine will conserve the energy and water while doing your laundry. It uses only one cup of water and detergent to wash an entire single load of laundry.

xeros Washing Machine

The ‘Xeros’ washing machine builds on the idea of resource conservation, which is prominent today. The machine uses plastic beads as opposed to the gallons of water used to do laundry each time. This beads are environment friendly and reusable too.

This machine would be a great step into making a positive impact on our environment.

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