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Top 5 Latest Gadgets Trends Of June 2015

Top 5 latest gadgets of june 2015
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As modern technology becomes more and more advanced, fitness, household and auto gadgets are also evolving.. These June 2015 gadgets include energy boosters, stress monitoring devices and even water bottles that are app connected to monitor one’s hydration levels. The Tech Brands are inventing and creating new tech devices related to our real life.

Top 10 Latest Gadgets Trends List:

#1 Vinyl Portable Record Player


This portable recorder is made by the designer Roy Harpaz. This is a remote controlled player. A perfect player for using outdoors at the beach, or when camping and you want to play some unique retro-style music.

#2 Portable Travel Charger Cable

portable charger

This cable’s specialty is it will not be tangled. Occupying a smaller area than that of a credit card, this travel charger cable is perfect for your pocket. It’s a great example of a shift that more electronics manufacturers should be making in order to appeal to the many who are frustrated with knotting wires.

#3 Sweat-proof  headphone:

sweat proof headphone

This headphone is designed basic for high-performance physical activity, basically for the cyclists.

Available for sale through the Rapha online store, the stylish line of closed back, sweat-proof headphones is made from leather and offer a frequency range of 20-22,000-hz.

#4 3D Printing Pen

3d printer pen

This pen is actually for those who cannot afford a full 3D printer. Although it may not be the sort of device that can get precise designs and accurately reproduce them, the 3DSimo Mini has been ergonomically designed to make its powerful body easy to maneuver.

#5 Better Re

Better Re

Better Re was designed by a south Korean team in order to provide an Eco-friendly solution for consumers who want to recycle the batteries from their old devices. This Better Re manages to get the leftover charge of the old Lithium battery. To use this Better Re, simply remove the lithium battery from your old smartphone and just place it into the Better Re device, and then when you connect a USB cable to it to charge another device it will work.

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