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TrunkMonkey: Inflatable Bicycle Carrier for Your Car

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TrunkMonkey is an inflatable bicycle carrier which saves you the cost of purchasing a permanent bike rack for your car. The impressing mechanism is lightweight and portable, making it easy for any consumer to set it up for their use.

TrunkMonkey Bicycle carrier

The TrunkMonkey is produced with Kevlar fabric and features adjustable nylon straps. To set up the TrunkMonkey, you just need to inflate the device using the included 12v DC air pumper. TrunkMonkey Device inflates in under two minutes and can be then deflated when you are finished using it. The TrunkMonkey is adjustable for any kind of vehicle and can be attached with a trunk and rear hatch.

TrunkMonkey – your Inflatable Bike-Carrying Companion

Every passionate cyclist would like to save the extra burden of storing a bike rack. This impressing inflatable bicycle carrier is the perfect product for such minimalist, passionate cyclists.

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