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Tumblr Launches a GIF Search Engine Named ‘Tumblr TV’

tumblr tv
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On the web, the popularity of GIF images considerably increased lately. Following the trends, the blogging platform Tumblr is going to launch a GIF Search Engine Named “Tumblr TV”. Here people can share their GIF images and find out any kind of GIF images shared by others. The “TV” part from this denomination is given because there will be a GIF player. It will be used for the play, pause, backward and forward GIF functions.

Tumblr previously announced that the logged-in users can only share and search for the GIF images from inside the blogging platform, but now they they announced that anyone can see the Tumblr GIF images, and use the Tumblr TV function, without being conditioned by an account on Tumblr.

There are many ways to use the Tumblr GIF Engine. One can visit directly http://tumblr.com/tv to start the GIF search and view the items, or search from the Tumblr blog account, but you just need to select the GIF type, as you see in the image below.


The company says that Tumblr TV represents a continued effort to expand access to one of Tumblr’s most popular features,  the GIFs.

“GIFs are a core feature of Tumblr, and we are always thinking of different ways to surface and present the popular medium,” says Bill Eager, Tumblr Product Engineer. “There is an endless amount of incredible GIF content on Tumblr that deserves more visibility, and we wanted to create a way to beautifully and easily deliver GIFs directly to our users without any interference. Tumblr TV also allows creators to reach a new audience and engage their existing audience in an entirely new way. It’s another great discovery tool that evokes curiosity and makes it fun to get lost on Tumblr.”

The main sad news is that the Tumblr is for the moment available only for the desktop users. But the company says that they want to expand it to mobile users, too.

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