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Twitter Releases New Ad Options, Re-Branded Multi-Platform Offering

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Twitter continues to push out updates in its ongoing efforts to improve the functionality of its offerings.

In April last year, Twitter unveiled the Twitter Publisher Network, a new advertising option which enabled marketers to drive app installs and engagements both on Twitter’s platform and off, through MoPub’s mobile app marketplace. MoPub, which Twitter purchased for $350 million back in 2013, claims to be the world’s leading ad server for mobile application publishers, reaching more than a billion unique devices and handling more than 130 billion ad requests every month. At the time of launch, Twitter claimed that ads through the Twitter Publisher Network could reach ‘more than 241 million active users on Twitter and more than 1 billion devices off Twitter’, all serviceable through Twitter’s advertising platform.

Now Twitter’s looking to expand its Publisher Network – but also, they’re not sure ‘Publisher Network’ best reflects the aims of what they’re trying to do.

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