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Underwater Camera by Autonomous

Seawolf GoPro Submarine
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This Robotic Camera Helps Users Capture Life Under the Sea

A Robotic Camera named “ Seawolf GoPro Submarine” that can help you to capture underwater surface and livings – this is the gadget developed by the design team ‘TTRobotix’. This submersible camera is excellent for taking submersed videos and capturing your underwater adventures.

SeaWolf GoPro Submarine

This Seawolf GoPro Submarine is equipped with a high quality HD sports camera system that helps capture underwater images and videos. Another important thing to know is that this camera can be remotely controlled. This allows the user to give directions to the camera from above the surface of the water. The action camera is powered by a robust pump-driven ballast system and cruises at a speed of about two miles per hour. Users are able to dive the robotic camera up to 33 feet for as long as 5 minutes at a time.

We can only hope that the camera will be available as of August this year, as announced.

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