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Varia: Traffic Sensing Bike Radar that Provides Cyclist Safety

traffic sensing bike radar
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Cycling is now a passion for many teenagers. They love cycling and enjoy it very much. But they should be aware of accidents. Garmin International Inc. is releasing a new smart cycling gadgets series, which will include smart bike lights and a rear-view bike radar. Designed to help keep cyclists safe, the ‘Varia’ system will warn when difficult traffic is at the horizon.

Traffic sensing bike radar

This gadgets system is structured with two helpful components, both of which are seamlessly integrated. The first component is a series of smart bike lights, which will change the color following the condition and the cycling speed. These lights work well with the Varia rear-view radar. This radar provides alerts when any vehicle approaches from behind. It can detect any vehicles within the range of 140 meters and it will also warn the cyclist when the vehicles try to overtake them.

Traffic sensing bike radar

This gadget is innovative not only in warning the cyclist about the approaching vehicles, but also in warning the vehicle driver by using the colorful lights on the bicycle.

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