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Way: A Beauty Device that Collects & Analyzes Info on Your Skin

WAY skincare device
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A latest innovation in smart skincare tech for skin-caring is the WAY personal beauty device, created by the dermatologists of South Korea.This is a tiny gadget that features revolutionary tech – collecting data from the surface of your skin and from your environment.

WAY skincare device

This pocket-sized WAY dermatological device pairs with your Smartphone via Bluetooth, as well as works in conjunction with the accompanying app. Simply place it against your cheek for almost 3 seconds. It uses bio-electrical impedance analysis sensors, humidity sensors & ultraviolet sensors.

The WAY provides a complete analysis of your overall skin health  in real time, as well as it suggests tips on skincare that assist your beauty habits. The WAY helps expertly taking care of your skin, a thing that you may be sure it is now possible by using the data collected with this device and available right on your smartphone.

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