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Wind Six: a Smart Wearable Air Purifier Gadget

Wind Six: Smart Wearable Air Purifier
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Air pollution is growing day by day all over the world. It is becoming a palpable threat for humans. Especially in China almost every person wears smog masks in the urban areas. Smog masks basically prevent the wearer from directly inhaling the smog particles from the air. But a new technology for this particular problem could solve this differently.

The Wind Six wearable air purifier is invented for those polluted countries where people cannot breathe comfortably. Maybe this is the technology can provide some extra comfort for the people living in those cities.

Wind Six: a Smart Wearable Air Purifier

The Wind Six Wearable Purifier is like a headphone. Instead of having a microphone, the headphone boasts a precision filter, which purifies the surrounding air by up to 99.99%. Such technologies would allow wearers to avoid health damages in highly polluted areas.

Wind Six: Smart Wearable Air Purifier


While the concept behind these new “Smart Gadgets” is older and well-thought, the creators still face various common sense and stylish difficulties. Right now, a considerable number of the modern concepts consolidated into wearables are lumbering, ugly and/or consume lots of power. Until new solutions can be found to these sorts of issues, wearable innovation is unlikely to take off.

Is This a Smart Solution for Air Purification?

While pessimists object that we ought to move our expectations far away from gadgets that shield us from the impact of air contamination, and better look towards making an pollution-free world, others claim that wearable innovations are a critical move in the right direction, protecting people from the undetectable threats introduced in urban situations.

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